Williams Lot

Not too long ago, the NSCC completed the restoration and cleaning of the Williams Lot, located near the south wall of the cemetery.


The vaults for the owner, William J. Williams and his aunt by marriage, Elizabeth Henby, previously consisted of an area filled with dirt, the vaults showed little if any sign of their original work due to time and erosion. The vault for Sarah Jane Williams (mother of Williams J. and niece to Elizabeth Henby) was in partial disrepair.

The NSCC contracted a local mason to complete the vault restoration and repair. Sarah Jane Williams’ vault was the first to be repaired using bricks saved from the fallen brick wall on the east side of the cemetery.


According to Cindy Meier, reconstruction for two other vaults began by first adding a layer of dirt on the ground surface. The mason then reconstructed the two vaults to match the other two, again using fallen bricks. Pieces of broken bricks were also placed in three additional vaults and a layer of dirt then covered the bricks in an effort to stabilize the vaults and prevent future problems. The final step was to place table size flat headstones over the newly repaired vault.




If you are interested in helping the NSCC continue their hard work, volunteers are always welcome!


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