Williams Lot

Not too long ago, the NSCC completed the restoration and cleaning of the Williams Lot, located near the south wall of the cemetery. The vaults for the owner, William J. Williams and his aunt by marriage, Elizabeth Henby, previously consisted of an area filled with dirt, the vaults showed little if any sign of their… Read More Williams Lot


Recently, a friend of mine shared that her beloved dog, Iris, had just died. After suffering through an illness, she was euthanized. It was her description of how she was feeling when she shared her loss with me were emotions that I too have felt and her words of loss, heartache, love and grief gripped… Read More Grief

Reading Death

Previous blogs stated that I love funerary art and architecture.  There are days in which I cannot disseminate, which I prefer more:  looking at funerary art and architecture or reading about it.  My current mood involves reading so that I can see with clarity. Or at the very least, work to understand the how and why people commission… Read More Reading Death

Man claims – on Cedar Grove Gravestone in Norfolk – to have been Lafayette’s secretary

Written by Cheryl Copper Cedar Grove was Norfolk’s first municipal cemetery, established about a mile from town, on land purchased in 1799. It took a generation to officially open with tree-lined shell roads in 1825–right around the time the beloved Revolutionary hero Marquis de Lafayette was wrapping up a triumphant tour to see his old… Read More Man claims – on Cedar Grove Gravestone in Norfolk – to have been Lafayette’s secretary

Profiles in Zinc

White Bronze Markers of Norfolk’s African American Cemeteries – Nadia Orton A tour of Norfolk’s historical African American cemeteries is a veritable walk through history. Cemeteries offer an important, tangible connection to history allowing closer interpretation of days past than most other sources can. Many historic cemeteries are notable for their funerary art, but a… Read More Profiles in Zinc